Friday, 22 December 2017

Wrap Stars

Christmas is but three sleeps away! Everyone I know is in a wrapping frenzy...
Like me or loathe me, but I don't really like the novelty, gaudy Christmas wrapping paper that seems to be everywhere... I have always had a thing for brown / kraft paper, so that with an assortment of adornments is usually my wrapping theme of choice.  I just spent last night wrapping a pile of presents so thought I'd share this year's wrapping look and feel, as I have stayed with the kraft paper / brown paper category, but have dipped my toe into the colour territory, and also gone for one print.

Wrapping paper heaven - image via Arket
I do like to put a lot of effort into choosing my favourite wrapping papers, tapes and adornments, but whilst I want to to look festive, I don't want the presents to scream Christmas, AND I want the option to be able to use the paper all year around. So the anointed choices this year are red kraft paper, a sumptuous dark green thick paper and a red and white geometric print, coupled with an assortment of twines, ribbons and adornments. I have also purchased a few rolls of brown paper, and brown paper with subtly festive prints.

Wrapping Theme - Christmas 2017

Wrapping close ups
Throughout the year I like to collect postcards, little illustrations, twine, string, ribbon and washi tape for my adornments. This year I've also picked up a bunch of fresh eucalyptus leaves for a touch of greenery. I like to make gift tags with paper luggage tags or use postcards or stickers! There are so many places that have free postcards with beautiful photography or illustrations on them, I just collect them as I go and save to use on presents. You can also use music scores, old maps or magazine imagery stuck onto card one on side, tied with twine, for a unique gift tag.

P R O D U C T  L I S T

Dark green paper, £4 per roll, ARKET
Red kraft paper, £1.95 per roll, IKEA
Red multicoloured twine, £3 per ball, IKEA
Red and natural twine, set of three, Sainsbury's (instore)
Postcards, free, collected from cinemas, museums, galleries, coffee shops
Eucalyptus leaves, bunches available from your local florist
Washi tape, green grid and red candy cane, £2.95 per roll, MT Tape
Gold glitter ribbon, set of three, £4.50, Kikki K  

What are your favourite ways to wrap Christmas presents?

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