Friday, 8 December 2017

A Coat Story

Even though I have always loved fashion, when it came to coats, I saw them more as a functional clothing item to keep me warm. From a young age I'd have one winter coat a year, often in a boring, neutral colour, without any real thought given to choosing one I truly loved. Even in recent years, this way of thinking has continued with the mentality that I ought to get a practical, warm winter coat, often picking classic styles without much care or attention.

It's only this Autumn when coats began to take centre-stage. Maybe I have been living under a large rock, but it seems that suddenly there are a kaleidoscope of coat options everywhere!  From myriad faux fur options in multiple lengths and hues, to checked and houndstooth, to ruffled, bouclĂ©, embellished and everything in between in every rainbow hue imaginable. They are all warm and functional but simultaneously statement-making, and I'm finding that many friends and colleagues have a few 'coat options' in their wardrobes, not just the one winter coat. 

Naturally this has meant that I am more attracted to coats than ever before, trying out styles, prints and colours both in and out of my comfort zone. Both the high street and designers are teeming with bold and chic coat options right now. I've admired some seriously chic coats from MSGM and Maxmara, but equally at Reiss, Whistles and Jigsaw. Whilst on the hunt, I've been really fastidious at looking at the material composition of the coats, and shockingly, many of them were high in polyester and acrylic and very low in actual wool content, despite their hefty price tags. 

A couple months ago, scrolling Instagram one day, I spied a gorgeous coat - a strong contender for the coat, originally in camel. It was a beautifully cut, slightly oversized, 100% wool number by Jigsaw, and I saw that it also came in a burst orange colour, officially named 'Nordic Orange' by them. From that moment I visited it in store, tried in on a few times and decided it was to be mine. Black Friday and Cyber Monday came and went without an enticing offer from the retailer, and either way I had to wait till the end of the month to save up for the coat. So when I asked about upcoming promotions, one of the sales assistants was kind enough to let me know that one was coming up... That weekend, with bated breath, stealth and my wallet in tow, I tracked down the promo code and made my order! On arrival, it was everything and more, I love it and it's seriously warm! At this price point, with 100% wool, I think it's fantastic value for money.

Grace coat, £360, Jigsaw
However just because I've found this coat, doesn't mean the hunt has to cease...I'm still looking for other 'coat options' to take my fancy. I've had a little look and selected my little edit of other coat favourites below. I truly believe they are all investment options, in classic styles that won't date. I've also picked coats with at least 50% wool content. 

Mensy coat, £95, Boutique by Topshop, 100% Wool
Premium Quality coat, £99.99, H&M, 77% Wool 
Long crossover coat, £99.99, Zara, 75% Wool
Wide lapel wool-blend coat, £139.99, Mango, 60% Wool
Halle wool-blend coat, £365, Reiss, 78% Wool
Mae ruffle coat, £318, All Saints, 80% Wool
Paper London checked wool-blend coat, £495, Net-a-porter, 75% Wool
J.Crew two-tone wool-blend coat, £330, Net-a-porter, 70% Wool
Tweed cocoon coat, £450, Winser London, 81% Wool
Wool coat, £99.99, H&M, 100% Wool

Which one is your favourite coat? 



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