Saturday, 7 May 2016

Interiors | S/S Refresh with Cushions

Make like the Scandis' and give your home an easy chic seasonal update for Spring/Summer. Maybe it's got something to do with the fact that residents of Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Finland and Denmark spend so much time indoors during those long, dark and freezing Scandi Winters that they compensate by bringing in a whole lot of light, colour, pattern and texture at the first sight of Spring.

Now that we've had sight of Spring (and Summer too going by the stunning, scorching sunshine and blue skies of this past week!), it's time to spruce up your space and give it a S/S refresh. A super quick and easy way to inject colour, texture and newness to your pad is by switching up your cushion covers/cushions.

Spring/Summer Refresh Moodboard - all images from Pinterest
Top Five Tips for S/S Refresh
1. It's time to store away your darker hued and woolly textured cushions and covers till it's Winter again. Remember to pack cushions away in plastic bags or wrapping and fold up cushion covers and store in storage boxes, adding in lavender sheets or mothballs to keep out the little pests as well as keeping the covers smelling fresh.
2. Go shopping for new cushion covers or cushions (depending on what you need), keeping an eye out for fun prints or block coloured options in lighter, brighter hues. Hot design options to look for this S/S:
- Copper accents
- Geometric prints,
- Moroccan tile prints
- Botanical prints,
- Palm tree, Cacti, Pineapple or Flamingo motifs
- Pom pom adornments
- Typography, quotes or personalisation
3. If you prefer a more traditional or classic vibe - the coastal, nautical trend is one that returns every S/S - think stripes and rope accents...
4. Get a selection of different cushions or covers in different prints, colourways and textures - either make them all super different or pick differing designs which connect in some way with each other to create contrast and interest - for example, pick a colour block cushion featuring a hue also featured in a printed one, which then has a similar style of pattern or colorway to some of the other printed designs, so you can ensure you get a scheme that is fun, stylish and coordinated!
5. Don't forget about texture - consider cushions in a variety of fabrics from cotton to silk to jute, making for an interesting theme that is both modern and cosy!

M Y  S / S  C U S H I O N  E D I T

Pineapple cushion, Tesco
Reversible flamingo cushion, Tesco
Tile print jacquard cushion, Tesco
Turquoise geometric print cover, H&M Home
Mati stripe pom pom double-sided cushion, Oliver Bonas
Grown-up floral cover, H&M Home
Botanical cover, £6.99, H&M Home
Stripe Sommar Cover, £6, IKEA
Multicolour cushion, £3.50, IKEA


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