Monday, 4 April 2016

Interiors | Quick Updates: The Washi Tape Gallery Wall

A really quick and easy way to liven up a plain and boring wall with an injection of colour is via a washi tape gallery wall. They can work in almost any room and on many different wall space sizes, and you can personalise them to create a look that’s completely personal to you and your space.

Washi tape gallery wall inspiration - all photos courtesy of Pinterest
I recently updated one patch of wall in my daughter’s bedroom with a washi tape gallery wall and it took all of thirty minutes. I’m really happy with the result and it really brings a pop of colour into the neutral scheme. It really lifts the space too, taking it out of nursery territory as she transitions towards age two and a ‘big girl bedroom’!

My top tips for creating your own washi tape gallery wall:

  • These days you can pick up chic but cheap washi tape from supermarkets such as Tesco and Sainsbury's, as well as Paperchase, Hobbycraft, IKEA and of course Amazon. Start collecting washi tape in lots of different prints, colours and colourways, as well as basic colours like black and white. On darker walls, brighter hued tapes such as neons really pop!
  • At the same time collect postcards, prints, photos, personal mementoes (such as ticket stubs), magazine cuttings and even free printables for your chosen wall(s).
  • You can theme the gallery wall by subjects such as travel, fashion or quotes, or keep it completely organic and creative and just start building and see where it takes you!
  • If you want a colourful result then use a variety of washi tape in different colours, prints and finishes – I used cream with gold dots, black and white, pink glitter and gold glitter. Also, pick out the most eye-catching and colourful art to tape up!
  • If you want to unify the gallery wall with an existing interior scheme then try using washi tape in just one or two colourways – such as all black or alternating between black and white, which would perfectly complement a monochrome scheme. Pair black tape with black and white photography, postcards and quotes in black type on white background.
  • Experiment between taping corners and sides for a more casual effect, or only tape either corners or sides for a more uniform, polished look.
  • For a unique look, use the washi tape to create the frames around your artwork. You can keep the frames really simple or add geometric or chevron detailing, in either a single colourway or multicolours for a rainbow effect.
  • Use your instinct and start the wall where you see fit, then keep adding to it with your art and taping till you’re happy with the final result. You can make it as small or large as you like, and don’t forget you can keep adding to it!
  • Stand back and admire your handiwork!

Will you be having a go at creating a washi tape gallery wall? If so, don’t forget to tag me in your pics – @msns_bowstreet on Instagram or @meerashah on Twitter!

Get Creative!

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