Tuesday, 23 February 2016

All day, Everyday: Avocado Toast

I was with some colleagues the other day and we were getting ready to start a meeting, somehow the conversation turned to avocados - maybe it was the fact that this avocado tshirt had been featured on ASOS' instagram feed the day before?! Also available as a sweatshirt...

Avocado Toast Oversized Sweatshirt, £55, Private Party at ASOS
Avocado Toast Supersoft Tshirt, £36, Private Party at ASOS
Anyway my colleagues were making fun of my addiction to avocado toast, mainly because it features heavily on my own instagram feed. Whilst I laughed along and waxed lyrical about my love for avo toast, it led me to think about how much I do love it and how I've come to to really enjoy it in a certain way... I often order it at brunch places but come away feeling like I enjoy my own version more! Avo toast may be 'trending' and be a heavy fixture on instagram and social media but I have been making it and devouring it for years!

The best thing about avo toast is its versatility - you can have it whenever (breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, as a snack) it's quick and easy to make and its nutritious plus tastes #yummy! It's especially tasty on sourdough with a poached egg on top.

Here's my recipe: Avocado Toast (serves one!)

- One large or two small ripe avocados
- One clove of garlic/tube of garlic paste
- Lime or lemon/bottled lime or lemon juice
- Sea salt
- Black pepper
- Paprika powder / chopped chillies / chilli flakes (optional)
- Two eggs
- White wine vinegar
- One/two slices of sourdough/bread

- Slice the avocado(s) in half and remove stone, use a spoon to scoop out the avocado flesh into a bowl.
- Peel the garlic glove and use a garlic press to crush it, add contents to your bowl
- Slice the lime or lemon and add a generous squeeze of juice to the mixture
- Add a pinch of sea salt and plenty of black pepper
- Depending on if you're using, add a pinch of paprika, some chopped chilli or chilli flakes. Finely chopped onions or cherry tomato also works well!
- Using a fork, mash the mixture together roughly and stop when you're happy with the texture - whether you like it chunky or want more of a smoother paste. Taste, and add more pepper/juice/chilli if needed. Cover and set aside.
- Boil the kettle and get your bread ready to be toasted.
- Get the cooker on; in a saucepan add the boiling water and a dash of white wine vinegar. When the water is bubbling, use a wooden spoon to swirl the water to make a whirlpool, and crack each egg separately into the swirl.
- Pop bread into toaster, get a plate and cutlery out.
- I like to poach eggs for as long as the bread takes to toast - around three minutes! Once toast is ready, take out onto plate, and spoon on the avocado mixture. Use a slatted spoon to remove each egg, ensure it is drained of excess water before placing onto the avocado toast.
- Top up with black pepper
- Sit down, take a flat lay instagram photo (optional!) and ENJOY! #yummy

What are your thoughts on avocado toast? Are you a fan? Have you got a special recipe?

***Disclaimer: I am not a cook or chef or any kind of food expert, this is just my own way of enjoying avo toast!***


Wednesday, 17 February 2016

A Few Current Favourites...

Grey Supersoft MOTHER Sweatshirt, £45 | A new addition to my weekend/casual wardrobe; it combines all my favourite qualities - grey marl, supersoft, slouchy, cosy, comfortable, monochromatic, typography and comes in sweatshirt form! AND to top it off, it's a great charity initiative supporting the global sisterhood - all profits from sales of Mother designs go to Women for Women International - an amazing charity that helps women from eight war-torn regions rebuild their lives through training programmes. This sweatshirt is good in more ways than one and is seriously soft - I refuse it take it off!

Topshop Maxi Scarf in Camel, £16 | A cosy maxi scarf is a perennial style favourite, and I have been on the lookout for the right one for aaages. This Topshop one is seriously cosy, long and supersoft, for that Scandi style, scarf volume look, see Pinterest for reference.

Jo Malone Vitamin E Lip Conditioner, £23 | Being a bit of a lip balm fiend (I have amassed a small collection), this is another one I've been wanting to try for ages (obviously I've been taken in by the chic navy packaging!). I really like it - the texture is just perfect - not too slippy, yet not too thick and gloopy, nourishing enough for the bout of cold weather that's suddenly come on in London, and adds just a dash of dewiness. Winner!

& Other Stories Round Sunglasses, £12 | Nothing says Spring like a new pair of sunglasses, and I love these semi-transparent round frames in black (also available in tortoiseshell & nude). Just need the sun to make an appearance now...

Porter Magazine Spring 2016 Issue, £5 | A global fashion magazine powered by Net-a-porter, love this curated package of fashion, beauty, culture and travel, the current issue features Amber Valetta, Erin Wasson and the new beauty rules. Perfect to devour on a rainy Sunday afternoon!

Maison Martin Margiela 'Lazy Sunday Morning', £85 | A new scent addition to my collection, from the label's 'Replica' line (which recreates familiar scents and moments from various places and periods), I think this fresh, feminine fragrance captures that easy, hazy, lazy Sunday morning vibe perfectly. I'm no expert on the 'notes of...' side of things, but it definitely conjures up the smell, texture and image of freshly washed laundry and cotton sheets! Loving this as an easy, energising anytime scent.

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