Monday, 17 August 2015

The Travel Edit | Hand Luggage & Arrival: My Top Ten Travel Tips

We're still in the midst of summer holiday season which means many of us are taking trips, so I thought I'd share some of my tried and tested top travel tips, focusing on hand luggage essentials and arriving at your destination. If you need help with packing your main check in bags - I covered this in a previous post here.

When it comes to hand or cabin baggage, it's all about having an organised and accessible cabin bag that contains everything you need at a moment's notice. Plus when you arrive at your destination, you want to arrive excited, calm and raring to go on an adventure! Hopefully these tips will help you on your way to a pleasant and relaxing journey!

1. Pouches are your best friend! Whether you're taking a cabin trolley bag, a large handbag or both as your cabin baggage, keep all your items separately organised in pouches of varying sizes. I like to pack small items such as headphones and my Kindle cable in a small pouch, tying them with hair ties so they don't get tangled. You can use another pouch to hold your travel documents and passport. Accessorize, Forever 21 and & Other Stories have some chic and practical pouches.

2. Size down! | You may only be taking hand luggage on your trip or perhaps you want to use the time to pamper yourself on the flight, in any case if you're carrying toiletries and skincare, remember the nothing over 100ml rule (it seems obvious but I always forget and at least one thing has to be thrown away at security - most recently some sunscreen in my daughter's nappy bag!). Decant your favourite skincare, makeup and haircare essentials into smaller bottles and jars (try Boots, Muji and Primark) or grab minis from Boots, Space NK and Sephora and grab your samples from beauty subscription boxes such as Birchbox and MyLittleBox.

3. A Clear Case! | Pack your toiletries and liquid-y beauty bits into this Muji clear case - it beats those grubby little plastic bags hands down! Alternatively, grab this one from Ren that's filled with travel sized essentials and is excellent value for money, and then you can use the pouch on your next trip. If you're on a long haul flight you might want to use the time to pamper yourself. Check out my last post for my inflight five minute regime for keeping your skin plumped and moisturised!

4. Important items stay with you! | Pack your most valuable, important and sentimental items such as jewellery, camera equipment and electronics into your cabin baggage - don't ever check it in! That way if your luggage is lost or damaged - you will have all the items you hold most dear to yourself on your person!

5. Cushion your jewels! | Pack jewellery in a dedicated jewellery pouch or case to ensure it stays protected and doesn't break en route to your destination.  I love the Anya Hindmarch, Aspinal and Smythson jewellery cases - a worthy investment for your precious jewels!

6. Keep electricals together! | Pack all your electronics - laptop, iPad, Kindle, chargers and cables, etc together for easy access in one sturdy case with plenty of compartments. Putting all your cables in there will mean they will stay protected too from the rest of your bag contents. I'm currently loving this case.

7. Outfit change | Pack a chic, versatile complete outfit (with underwear and footwear) in your cabin bag, just in case your main luggage gets lost - that way you can go straight out for lunch or dinner and feel and look fresh (and on point!).

8. Oversize your scarf | Pack an oversized scarf that can double up as a blanket, pillow, sheet, beach blanket... These have been so handy in the past during chilly flights then a touch of home comfort in hotel rooms and hostels! I love the selection at Zara and ASOS.

9. Go Hands Free | For your chosen destination, take a multipocketed crossbody bag for your day bag, and fill it with a mini bottle of water, mints, lip balm, cash and coins and your sunnies. This style from Forever 21 is super chic and useful!
If you're constantly losing or breaking your sunglasses then avoid taking your favourite designer pair and take a few chic, inexpensive pairs. I love the selections at & Other Stories, H&M and ASOS.

10. Smell chic | Hotel rooms can smell impersonal, take a favourite mini candle to create a sense of calm and to create a homely feeling oasis. My absolute favourite is the Diptyque mini candle in Baies.

 Minimalist Folio Case, $48 (Approx £30), Poketo
Checked Soft Scarf, £17.99, Zara
Diptyque Baies Mini Candle, £20, John Lewis
Metal Bridge Acetate Sunglasses, £45, & Other Stories
Beach Please Pouch, £6 (on sale), New Look
Ren Grab & Go Travel Kit, £20, Cult Beauty
Tres Jolie Pouch, £3.50, Forever 21
Laser-cut Pouch, £8, Forever 21

 Hope some of these travel tips were helpful! Happy Travels! What are some of your travel tips?

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Travel | Long Haul In Flight 5 Minute Hydration Regime

When travelling on a long haul flight, I've learnt that your number one beauty matra should be to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! In a bid to avoid my skin and self getting dehydrated by that nasty dry cabin air, hydration was definitely the name of the game for the duration of my flight, but as I was travelling with my husband and baby daughter for the first time, I didn't have time for anything too fussy or fiddly.

First things first, shoo away all offers of champagne on arrival and stick to good old H20! If you can, stick to drinking water throughout the flight. Avoid the microwaved, overprocessed meals and perhaps just pick at the fruit or yogurt, and if you've taken your own food and snacks even better.

Once the meal was over, lights were dimmed and baby was sleeping it was time to talk beauty.

For the quick beauty regime, I deployed:
1). Cleanse | First of all whether you're wearing make-up or not clean your face. As mine was a night flight I decided not to wear any, but a cleanse instantly refreshed me. I used La Roche Posay Physiological Micellar Solution decanted into a 100ml bottle (part of set from Primark), sweeping a couple of soaked cotton oval pads over my face and eyes.
2). Refresh | Next, I refreshed my face with a spritz of Avene Eau Thermale spring water, which was instantly soothing and cooling.
3). Boost | Then it was time for a moisture boost in the form of Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Jelly - you only need a pea-sized amount of this hydration boosting cocktail which is suspended in a hyaluronic acid matrix, and is also designed to lock in moisture - so ideal for that long haul cabin air. It also feels so light and cooling yet sinks right in and retains its moisturising properties!
4) Serum | I topped off the moisture jelly with Sarah Chapman Skinesis Overnight Facial - one of my favourite night serum-oils. It feels so silky on the skin, smells divine and contains a cocktail of skin plumping and regenerating essential oils, peptides, vitamins and antioxidants, so again perfect for an overnight flight. Though I often ignore the overnight bit and just use it whenever my skin needs some extra TLC!
5). Lips | Lastly, slick on some ultra hydrating lip balm with a slight gloss. I went for The Organic Pharmacy's Antioxidant Lip Balm, which is infused with Shea Butter, Pomegranate, Rose Hip and Vitamin E to keep lips super soft!

That's it, the whole routine took about five minutes flat! You can then repeat the whole thing a few times depending on the length of your flight, and then repeat again in the morning and add a light base if you like...

What are your favourite in flight beauty essentials?
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