Friday, 19 June 2015

Holiday | Beach bag chic

We're in the throes of holiday season and every time I look on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Snapchat, someone I know has posted a selfie of themselves on some beach, cocktail in hand... So phone in one hand, I'm rolling my eyes whilst maneuvering a buggy and a basket around Sainsbury's (oh the glamour!) when I spot a gorgeous beach bag. Love a good beach bag, it immediately conjures up beach and pool life images in my mind's eye and for a moment I'm off, sipping cocktails on my sun lounger. FOCUS! Ok, make that mocktails! No! Back to the bag... It's got everything you could want in a beach bag - kinda monochromatic with a touch of embellishment and colour, pom poms, zip top, foldable and big enough for your 'stuff' so that it can double as a carry on tote/holiday tote and can even work as a weekend or daily bag in the warmer months. I'm calling it my 'easy cheap chic no brainer supermarket sweep' beach bag (hereby known as ECCNBSS) and at only £16, you'll still get change from a twenty!

ECCNBSS beach bag, £16, Tu at Sainsbury's (in-store only)
If my ECCNBSS beach bag isn't your cup of tea (or mojito!) then I've rounded up some of my other favourite beach bag options...

B E S T  O F  T H E  R E S T

C L O C K W I S E  F R O M  T O P  L E F T :
1. REVERSIBLE BEACH BAG, £28, River Island | Love this silver metallic reversible beach bag - which works really well as a throw-everything-in-it tote, transforming from silver to black in one second flat. It also comes with a super handy matching pouch for storing valuables whether on the beach or in the city!
2. ECCNBSS BEACH BAG, £16, Tu at Sainsbury's (in-store only) | As above
3. CANVAS BEACH BAG, £22.99, Zara (summer sale) | I'm a huge fan of huge tote like beach bags that double up as bags to throw the kitchen sink into (I don't do small bags...much!) and this one is a nautical gem - love the typography and the blue/white colour combo. It also comes with a detachable inner pouch.
4. STRIPE CANVAS BEACH BAG, £9.99, Mango (summer sale) | Can't get more beachy than this stripey white/navy number, which also comes in grey. A great basic beach all rounder that you can throw your sunscreen, Kindle, water and snacks into whilst on vacay then whip out again at the farmers market when you're back home.
5. ANCHOR BEACH BAG, £22.99, Zara (summer sale) | Even more nautical than its' beachy cousin above (see no.3) again comes with an detachable inner pouch for your jewellery and phone. Perfect for the plane too and love this dusky pink hue!
6. COPA CABANA TOTE BAG, £24, Accessorize (summer sale) | This beach bag screams holiday! The perfect accompaniment to your strawberry daquiri (hunky waiter optional), comes complete with holiday pom poms and is ready to board its flight to Ibiza (please fill with snacks, books, magazines and duty free buys!)
7. FINDS EN SHALLA FRINGED RAFFIA & LEATHER TOTE, £85, Net-a-porter (summer sale) | The luxe fringed basket option. Love this playful yet sophisticated coastal companion. It features a cheery floral lining and its sizeable interior means you can chuck in spare clothes, tablet, spare shoes, snacks, drinks, heck whatever you want! Love the cobalt blue hit of colour against the cream raffia and the fringing detail - shimmy shimmy!

W H I C H  O N E  I S  Y O U R  F A V O U R I T E ?
W H E R E  A R E  Y O U  V A C A T I O N I N G  T H I S  S U M M E R ?

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