Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Interiors | Gallery Wall Dreams

I've been obsessing over gallery walls for the longest time, whiling away many hours on Pinterest and interiors blogs in order to gather inspiration for creating my own. The beauty of them is that you can quite literally frame anything and cluster a few frames together to achieve the effect. Whether it's prints, your childrens' lovingly created artwork, postcards, wallpaper samples or napkin scrawls - anything goes!

J Crew is as well known for its gallery wall installations within its boutiques as it is for its merchandise. Here's a snap from the newly opened Paris store and another from its revamped New York Fifth Avenue boutique. Read about how the Fifth Avenue boutique gallery wall was created here.  I love the eclectic mix of art, prints and posters in frames of different colours!

J Crew Paris*
J Crew Fifth Avenue*
Here are some of my favourite gallery wall inspiration snaps from Instagram and Pinterest...

Monochrome gallery wall*
Love this washi tape print gallery wall!*
Love this mix! Spotted on Instagram, think it's from Kate Spade*
Love the borders, frames and neatness, framed by the dramatic lighting*

Love this entire wall - such a lovely mix!*

Simplicity - black & white - gorgeous!*
In preparation for my own gallery wall, I've been collecting postcards, greeting cards, wallpaper, prints - anything and everything really! One of walls will be New York themed, an ode to our favourite city after London - I picked up some lovely NY greetings cards when I was last there and managed to frame them last week:

New York Greeting Cards in IKEA RIBBA Frames
I've also gathered together all my Fuji Instax Wide prints and tacked them up on the wall for now, I may decide to put some of the photos in frames and intersperse them with prints, but for now I love this grid formation:

Fuji Instax Wide Shots Wall

I'll keep you posted on how my gallery wall(s) preparation is going and of course post pictures when they are up!

Are you a fan of gallery walls?

*All photos from Pinterest or Instagram

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