Tuesday, 22 October 2013

The Curated Shelf

A few months ago I read about a project called The Curated Shelf.  Since 2010, Louis Vuitton have been collaborating with many contemporary artists by inviting them to take the items that have inspired them and to curate a shelf or series of shelves, thus creating news pieces of art on display, and for purchase, in the exhibition space at the Louis Vuitton Maison (the flagship store on Bond Street).  Over the years the project has featured curated shelves from the likes of Tracey Emin, Juergen Teller, Jake and Dinos Chapman and Grayson Perry, plus many more.  Many of the artists have curated their shelves with inspirational books, or objects, such as 100 used up disposable cameras in the case of Jake and Dinos Chapman.

100 personalised disposable cameras: A Curated Shelf by Jake & Dinos Chapman (via anothermag.com)

Books, Books, Books: Juergen Teller's Curated Shelf (via anothermag.com)
Then I saw that one of my favourite bloggers - Alexandra Stedman of The Frugality - had taken the concept further by curating her own shelf, featuring favourite photos, magazine cover, candle and photo album - in short, all the 'bits and bobs' that reflected her personality and things she found inspiring.  Check out her blog post here.

I loved the idea of The Curated Shelf, and with one big bare bedroom wall plus a massive pile of magazines on the floor and countless items scattered all over, I felt inspired to give this project a go!

See my effort below.  I went with four mini shelves and 'curated' my shelves with my latest magazine reads, a print (fashioned out of a wallpaper sample in a frame), some of my favourite interiors tomes, and a gorgeous rose candle.

Ta-da! My Curated Shelves...

It's really easy to have a go at creating your own curated shelf - just use a shelf or bookcase you already have, or try these RIBBA picture ledge shelves from IKEA.  These are the ones I have opted for - they come in black and white and in two sizes - 55cm (£5.50 each) or 110cm (£8.50 each).  Then, just 'curate' with items that inspire you - books, postcards, prints, ornaments, magazines, perhaps even your favourite pair of shoes!  You can also change your edit of items whenever the mood strikes...

What would you have on your 'curated shelf'? Tweet me or send me a pic on Instagram!


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