Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Just a note to say...

...Thank you!
A phrase we say practically everyday to partners, family, friends, colleagues, even strangers, when they give us gifts, do favours, donate their time or perhaps are just there whenever you need them.  When was the last time you send a proper thank you card or note to let someone know you appreciate something they've given you?  These days it's all about texts, whatsapp messages, tweets or perhaps a tagged photo or Facebook or Instagram.  I prefer the personal touch to express my gratitude via a handwritten thank you card or note.  It shows you have taken your time and effort in showing your appreciation, and is guaranteed to put a smile on the receiver's face!

My stash of thank you cards
I like to keep a box of thank you cards handy in a box, along with coloured pens, rubber stamps, envelopes, postcards and stickers to make the note extra fun!  That way I'm always prepared when I need or want to send a thank you.

Below I've rounded up my favourite thank you cards right now...

Clockwise from top left: 
1. Ella Thank You Cards Set, by Rifle Paper Co, £19.95 for eight, Liberty
2. Neon Thank You Note Cards, by Marby & Elm, £14.95 for six, Liberty
3. Floral Thank You Post Cards, by Rifle Paper Co, £9.50 for ten, Papermash
4. Merci Glitter Cards, £9.50 for ten, Papermash
5. Thank You So Much Mini Cards, £4.00 for ten, Paperchase
6. Bright Floral Thank You Notecards, £4.95 for eight, John Lewis

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