Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Repurpose! Reuse!

Sometimes, the original purpose for something might not be the best way to use it.  Or, you may simply not like the original purpose for it.  Or, you may find multi uses for it!  Anyhow, it is something that interior designers and stylists have been doing for years, and in these times of austerity, it's more relevant than ever to think out of the box and to really squeeze the full life and potential out of things we buy or already own! 

I just wanted to share a few of my recent repurpose and resuse ideas...  I'll be sharing lots along the way, but just wanted to get the ball rolling with these!


I've only recently realised how useful trays can be!  In addition to obvious uses as a serving tray for food and drink, trays can be used all over your home and work, to house, well whatever!  They help to keep things neat and organised and can also help to add a splash of colour or pattern to a plain colour scheme.  Here are some of my favourite uses for them...

Plant holders

Plant holders are also a recent discovery, mainly due to one particular pot I found whilst rummaging in IKEA.  Immediately I was struck by how pretty it was - it features lovely metal cutout detail which resembles lace, and I just thought it would be better used as a home for odds and ends!  I now have several... one of my bedside table, containing essentials such as lip balm, paracetamol and hand cream (all in one neat handy place), one containing all my make-up brushes, the list is endless! 

Another great idea to use it (aside from it's original purpose as a plant pot holder!), it to flip it round, drill a hole in the bottom and use it as a chic light shade!

At only £1.99 each, these are a serious steal!

IKEA SKURAR Plant Pot, £1.99

Gift boxes

Occasionally, when you order something from a posh online store like Netaporter or receive a gift, your things come in a lovely black box, made of thick, hard wearing cardboard. Whilst many would discard of the boxes, I definitely would not! These boxes come in a variety of shapes and sizes are great for storing stuff and keeping things neat.  Take a look at how I reuse my Netaporter boxes below! 

net-a-porter.com gift boxes
Large size box houses my clutch bag collection!
The small box houses my postcard collection!
The extra small box houses my gift cards and vouchers!

What are your favourite repurpose and reuse ideas?


  1. I always re-use boxes for gifts and seen some fab inspirational pics with trays on Pinterest!

    1. Reusing boxes for gifts is a great idea! I'll admit - I'm getting obsessed with trays!


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