Thursday, 10 May 2012

I Am Packed

One of the most exciting things about a holiday or a trip away is deciding what you're going to pack...all that anticipation about the outfits you're going to wear or revelling in the fact that you've only packed half a suitcase, so that you can stock up on treasures and wares from local markets and boutiques from your holiday or business destination!

I especially love fellow bloggers' posts on what they're packing for their trips, especially when they have put together detailed photos or videos, it may seem strange but I think it's all part of the excitement attached to travelling, with the possibility that anything is possible and new adventures await you!

So when I discovered, I thought yay, finally a blog (brought to you by Air New Zealand) devoted to packing, including posts submitted by normal people all over the world, from the UK, to Osaka, to Brisbane!  It's probably only really nosy people like me who want to know what make-up and shoes people on the other side of the world are packing, or how they've packed their bags!  If you are as inquisitive as me, check out the site...I think I may a little bit addicted!

The only drawback is, all these images of bags packed ready to arrive in exotic destinations is making me want to go on holiday even more now! - a snippet from one of the lucky suitcases!


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