Sunday, 20 May 2012

Delicious Weekend Brunch at Lantana

I love the idea of weekend's the ideal way to awake and then soak up the best bit bits of the weekend, via a leisurely meal with good food, good coffee (or champagne/prosecco - depending on how you're feeling!) and good friends.

But it seems like the whole brunch thing seems to be a bit of a slow burning thing over here - despite being au courant in places like New York, Melbourne and Sydney.  Even if you do find places serving weekend brunch, if often only runs till around 11am - nothing leisurely about that!  So I was moutherwateringly excited to sample weekend brunch and girly catching up session at Lantana.

Lantana, meaning 'a hardy invasive weed that thrives in unlikely environments' -  is a bustling little Antipodean cafe in the heart of Soho, London.  It's been called “a little bit of Australia in Fitzrovia” and is also one of the best places to enjoy a flat white in London (both I and the London Evening Standard can attest to that!)

A bracing walk to Lantana meant we had big appetites, but it was a queue that greeted us instead of a waiting table when we arrived, as Lantana doesn't take bookings. Probably just as well as it's constantly busy and the kind of place where you could easily while a way a few hours, meaning that the staff here probably wouldn't be able to chuck you out to accommodate bookings!

A short while later we were happily seated in the heart of the action, sipping smooth, creamy yet punchy lattes and salivating over the brunch menus.  After much deliberation and changing of choices, we settled on what we'd be feasting on!  I was going for Sauteed mixed mushrooms on grain toast w poached eggs and lemon herb feta and my brunch buddy Jamini opted for the BERT - Toasted sandwich w/ crispy bacon, a fried egg, rocket, tomato and aioli.  

Now this is where I have to apologise in advance...because as soon as the food arrived, we devoured it pretty darn quickly and the normal 'let me take a photo of that' blogger side of me endured an epic fail!  All I can say is both dishes looked delicious, smelled delicious, tasted delicious! I can honestly say that everything on my plate was gone and savoured till the very last bite...there was something very special indeed about those poached eggs.  Man, I can still remember the taste passing my lips now!  I will remember them fondly!

A few flat whites later, suitably fed and relaxed, we were ready to take leave of the deliciousness that is Lantana and head back towards the throngs of Oxford Street on a Saturday afternoon (another epic fail - as a Londoner, I really should know better...)!

The famous and delicious flat white at Lantana

If you're heading to brunch anytime soon, I urge you to try Lantana - a perfect place to celebrate the weekend and catch up with friends over delicious food and coffee!  And next time, I promise to take a photo before I delve in!

Lantana, 13 Charlotte Place, Fitzrovia, W1T 1SN

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