Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Brett Easton Ellis for 40p

Despite much praying for the weather to improve, the rain hasn't miraculously transformed itself into glorious sunny rays, and so we're left with grey, murky and miserable 'meh' weather.

With no prospects of jetsetting into sunnier climes, I've decided to get acquainted with Brett Easton Ellis's satirical LA world by delving into 'Imperial Bedrooms', a sequel to his 1985 bestseller 'Less Than Zero'.  I came across a copy of this well thumbed book at my local library, where they regularly sell books for under £1, in this case a mere 40p!  You can't even get a decent coffee for that!

I know we're in the digital age and all that and that it's really easy to read on a Kindle or on your iPad 3, but sometimes, it's nice to actually read a good book the old fashioned way! 

Whilst Amazon or your local supermarket is great for picking up the latest bestseller at a cheaper price than its RRP, I'd say it's well worth heading down to your local library to see if they are getting rid of any of their books.  Yes, they may be a little older, but you may pick up a classic you've been meaning to read for ages, often in a great, hardback condition for next to nothing!  Look out for recent bestsellers or old classics like Dickens or F.Scott Fitzgerald (especially The Great Gatsby)...

Next, head home, make a big pot of coffee, and dive straight in!

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