Thursday, 19 April 2012

Quick, easy and inexpensive art

Whilst decorating our house, I've constantly been on the lookout for unusual yet easy art ideas, which are also inexpensive.  These are for sprucing up areas all over the house, from the living room, bathrooms, hallways and stairwells.  Here are some of my favourite ideas so far, some of which I will be trying out very soon!

One of my favourites has to be the photo below - 'posh shopping bags as art!'.  An ingenious way to reuse the thick cardboard bags from designer boutiques and labels, which often feature gorgeous typography and prints.  Just keep them flat and folded neatly, then find suitable frames at Ikea or Tiger and get mounting!  Fashion art at its best!

Shopping bags as art!
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Another favourite is postcards as art.  You can either display travel postcards you've picked up on holiday showing the sights of the country or perhaps build a collection of postcards from a variety of cities as a theme.  I like to use vintage postcards picked up at flea markets and charity shops, as well as postcards which are mini works of art, that are available from places like the V&A Museum Shop or other museum and gallery shops.  How you mount them is up to you - you can go the casual route and just tack them up using white tack or mini bulldog clips nailed to the wall, or you can once again check out a series of matching frames and put them up a in a grid formation.  Alternatively, mount 16 (4 by 4) of them in a portrait format on scrapbook paper and display in one large frame.  If you don't like things too perfect, why not find some mismatched frames at markets and thrift shops and then use them, or perhaps spray paint frames in the hue of your choice!

Postcard art hung using bulldog clips

Postcard art hung in grid formation using matching frames

Postcard art mounted and hung in one frame

Yet another favourite for me is wallpaper samples as art, something I discovered when hunting for the right wallpaper for the master bedroom.  You can request wallpaper samples from many wallpaper suppliers and then hang your favourites as artwork.  You could get a large section and cover a mdf panel or get smaller sections and insert them into frames.  It could the same wallpaper in different colourways or perhaps a collective theme such as floral or geometric shapes.  Check out some display ideas below!

A4 wallpaper samples in wooden frames
Different sized wallpaper samples in varying frames for a wallpaper collage!

This last idea was a recent discovery when I was at the flagship Paperchase store in Tottenham Court Road, London.  Looking at the plethora of wrapping papers they stocked, I noticed they were works of art - maps, intricate prints, and lots of interesting detail!  They would definitely make great pieces of art in large A2 frames!  You could go for a map, typography, stripes, anything that takes your fancy!  Here are a couple of my favourite travel themed wrapping papers...

Paris Ephemera Wrapping Paper by Cavallini
London Wrapping Paper by Cavallini

What are your favourite inexpensive forms of art?  Do you have any DIY ideas? Please share!

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