Tuesday, 17 April 2012

A place for everything and everything in its place...

...goes the phrase! The notion that everything should have a place to be stored and that it should be tidily returned there when not in use.  But the notion is easier said than done!

I decided to heed the advice, starting with the mess of a make-up drawer of my dresser, where all manner of make-up items were messily strewn about, without any proper care, attention or order.  I no longer knew what I had, so naturally began using the same make-up time and time again!

Time for a cull!  Everything was emptied, inspected and sorted; ancient mascaras and blunt lipsticks were chucked away, as were crumbling eye-shadows and the remainder of make-up and hair accessories were all categorised into separate compartments - eyes, lips, face & tools and hair, then housed in trays from Muji (otherwise known as organising Mecca!).  Now that organised order has prevailed, I a) know and see what make-up I have and b) can avoid unnecessary impulse purchases!

Newly transformed make-up drawer!
Muji PP Basket 3, £2.25

See more organising after the jump!

Next, I moved on to my nail varnish drawer (I'm somewhat obsessed with nail varnishes!) which was equally as messy and contained at least a gloopy bottle or two that needed to be shown the bin.  My remaining collection of beloved Chanels, Diors and Essies were rehoused in a Muji vanity tray, and now look much better!  In addition, my growing collection of hand creams, nail files and nail care accessories found a new home in a Muji vanity box!

Nail collection housed in Muji vanity case - 1/2 size, £3.25
Nail care housed in Muji vanity box with lid, £5.95

Last but by no means least, as the jewellery condensing continues (more about that in another post), I rehoused some of my everyday trinkets into yet more life-saving Muji storage!  These are the earrings and rings I wear regularly and need to find quickly, so can't be faffing about with boxes etc.  I think they now look neat, tidy and rather pretty in this arrangement!  The great thing about Muji's jewellery storage is that it's all made of acrylic (so you can see what is stored!) and is fully customisable and stackable, with dividers, trays and compartments, so you can make it completely personal to you!  Take a look here.

Everyday trinkets in Muji's acrylic jewellery storage, from £1.50

I'm going to reward my hard work with a cuppa, but will be back soon with more tales of organising happiness and tips!  In the meantime, what are your favourite make-up and jewellery storage solutions?


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