Thursday, 8 March 2012

What Shall I Wear?

"What shall I wear?" (WSIW) - The age old question that we face each and every day!  It seems we have wardrobes full of clothes and yet at times it seems we have nothing to wear.  We may be in a recession and yet still shopping up a storm (if the constantly crazed scenes at London Westfield, Westfield Stratford City and Oxford Street are anything to go by!), yet on some mornings the dreaded WSIW is enough to send us into a blind state of panic or at least desperately wishing for Cher's infamous computerised closet from Clueless to solve our sartorial woes!

It's not so much that we don't have the right clothes, shoes or accessories or that we're not channelling spring's neon trend - we do and we are, we just seem to get muddled in the execution - in editing our looks for the stresses of everyday life!  Or sometimes it's as simple as we are bored and need a jolt of inspiration!

So, my solution is to get creative.  Firstly, as a lover and avid reader of fashion magazines and blogs, I say use them to your advantage!  They are not just there to dictate trends and to tell you to go buy a new Burberry trench - pay attention to the details and see how they can impact on the all important WSIW conundrum!  Here are some of my tips...

1. Tear out outfits from magazine fashion shoots, fashion adverts, fashion product pages, etc and keep them as a reference point - but remember to make a note of what it is that you found inspiring - for e.g. 'this outfit reminds me of my breton tee and chinos and I have a necklace like that'

I keep cuttings in a nice pretty box, £7.00 from Paperchase

2. You could even make a scrapbook or cuttings file for easy flicking inspiration in times of fashion meltdown!  Remember to include the notes...

I keep outfits I like in a scrapbook and label why I like them
3. You can go one step further and be ultra organised by planning out your outfits using the latest in fashion stationery...
What to Wear pad, £8.95 and Style Journal, £16.99, both from Liberty
4. The Blogosphere! There are so many blogs out there all documenting what people wear - from normal everyday people to those in the fashion industry.  Check them out to see the finer details - how they've styled a leather jacket, are they wearing a necklace as a bracelet, wearing socks with sandals, bright colours on someone with a similar colouring to you... the list is endless!  Here are just a couple of my favourite what I'm wearing blogs...

Laura Fantacci of Wearing It Today
The Grazia Girls - What We're Wearing
Vogue's Today I'm Wearing, starring a different celebrity every month - Editor in chief Lorraine Candy has just returned from maternity leave and is blogging her outfits everyday!
5. Last but not least...look around, be observant and just watch people on the street, your friends and family or people you work with, snap a photo and add it to your inspiration bank!

Armed with all this inspiration, I hope it helps to solve the daily WSIW challenge!

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